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    Direct zinc oxide storage requirements_

    Direct zinc oxide storage requirements

    release time:2018-04-20

    Direct zinc oxide storage requirements
    When making this kind of chemical substance, its main production method is generally to use the waste ash through the dust removal equipment to remove impurities, get qualified zinc dust, and then add different raw materials such as lime in the starlight, according to the requirements of the technology After mixing, crushing and crushing with a corresponding machine, the corresponding zinc oxide product will be obtained. When storing such products, pay attention to waterproof moisture, anti-hook, avoid high temperature and acid-base contact to produce the corresponding chemical reactions, these are the points that must be noted when using the entire product storage. In the process of making ceramic glaze throughout the ceramic, it has a strong solubility, can effectively reduce the expansion coefficient of the glaze, and improve its thermal stability.
    Direct zinc oxide storage requirements_

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